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The Peacemaker Reviews…

“The best young adult offering of the decade! This writer takes us through the emotional progression of young Jayson Jackson as he emerges from juvenile delinquency to societal responsibility delivering a tumultuous hard knock that propelled the transition. This book is will bring you to tears as you share with Jayson the passions of the guilt that will forever be a part of his life.┬áKudos to Criswell for such an thought provoking contribution to our young readers!”

~Y/A librarian review~

“The author reflects very clearly the times and tribulations facing our youth today. The golden opportunities made available to them are smudged with the detrimental influences and choices they make..
~Amazon Review~

A great read for parents and young people. The ending is reason to applaud and believe that we should never give up hope and never stop believing that if we plant good seeds…they shall reap, despite the weeds that try to choke them…good crops.
~Amazon review~

“This is an amazing book, a must read for every pre teen”
-Amazon customer~

“Two childhood friends on the brink of manhood.
Two paths inextricably intertwined with a date with destiny neither could avoid. Sometimes talking is not enough, sometimes you have to feel the fire on your neck before you decide to move. In an instant dreams are shattered.”

“A story about a teenager that transcends race and speaks to the modern-day dilemma that many young men face in rural, urban and suburban communities alike.”
~Bonding over books~