From the author of the thought-provoking novel “The Peacemaker” comes PEACE ON THAT, Peacemaker II.

 PEACE ON THAT is a multi-generational saga. It is somewhat unique in that it is both a prequel and a sequel to The Peacemaker.  Though it has many of the same characters as the previous book, it can stand on its own as separate work.

PEACE ON THAT is a character study. It asks the proverbial questions. Are we governed by our “nature or our nurture?” Are our fates preordained or can we change them?”

Author T.L. has taken the characters in the “Peacemaker” to new heights and has added many twists and detours that take the reader places they do not expect.

Excerpt of PEACE ON THAT

Chapter One –  Big Man

Shorty, Im so sorry. Please forgive me. I totally screwed up. I wasnt readyI meanI didnt know how to be a real father.

My lips tremble and the words come out broken. I take a deep breath and try to relax as I stare into the small bathroom mirror and continue to rehearse my apology.

These last two years have been extremely painful. Ive lost everyone and everything and you’re all that I have left.”

I pause and immediately retract those words after I say them. That wasnt going to work. It sounds disingenuous coming from a man who once sat as a predator on top of the world, looking down on others as if they were prey. Who was I trying to fool? Action spoke louder than words, and when it came to being a father, my past actions never made any real noise…

Sharon looks at me and asks, “Have you ever heard of the term, making a deal with the devil?”

I didn’t answer. Instead I somberly nodded my head yes and let out a nervous laugh. I loved and respected her honesty.

Jayson, The main goal of making a deal with the devil is to obtain a favor or gift that a mere mortal could not possibly attain by himself. You give up part of your soul in exchange for diabolical favors like wealth, youth, knowledge or power.”

I closed my eyes when she said that because the lifestyle that I’d lived, I obtained all of those things.

I let her continue…

Once you obtain all of those things, the deal is done. The devil will then make sure that you hold up your end of the bargain.”  My eyes were still closed as she said this.

She then whispered…

Jayson my friend… I believe that the devil has come to collect on that debt.”

I bowed my head as the room fell silent. I didn’t take offense to her remark. I sat there trying to process everything that she’d said to me. With a remorseful and contrite heart, I asked the question, “How do I cash him out and settle that debt?”

T. L. Criswell is a spiritual person, as well as a freethinker who has been writing poetry and short stories since she was a young girl. Her writing style is known as humorous, witty, and thought provoking. As you read you will know that Ms. Criswell put her heart and soul into each word.

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