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Peace On That… The Peacemaker II


PEACE ON THAT is a compelling family saga that raises thought-provoking questions essential to understanding the world and ourselves. How much of an individual’s destiny is heritage and how much is free will? How can a child break free from the burden of a dysfunctional family? Is tough love always the best answer? How do relationships crack from lack of honesty, and what can be done to mend them? How does a boy become a man and how does a man define himself? And most of all: how do we find out who we are, and stay true to the best we can be? Readers of The Peacemaker will welcome many of there favorite characters, and new readers will be drawn into this wonderful family drama that stands on its own. Ranging from the stresses and injustices of the Jim Crow South to the bustling civil rights explosion in Detroit, from the birth of Motown to modern life on the wild side, from deep-rooted family values to the shock of a court room trial. Peace on That: Peacemaker II engages you with vivid characters to capture your mind and heart.

What people are saying…

T.L. Criswell has given us full throttle of storytelling and has taken readers on a historical ride of generational honor, dishonor, pride and loyalty. “Peace On That” (The Peacemaker II) allows its readers full access into the lives of the “Jacksons;” how it began, somewhere in the middle, and the remarkable ending. The timeline of countless events span throughout several decades: Life in the south, life up north, the Detroit riots and many, many more. This book is a mountain of treats and sometimes an eruption of emotions will ignite in readers as Criswell displays a voluminous amount of loss and gain affecting the characters in this book.