Peace On That: The Peacemaker II


What people are saying about Peace on That: The Peacemaker II

T.L. Criswell has given us full throttle of storytelling and has taken readers on a historical ride of generational honor, dishonor, pride and loyalty. “Peace On That” (The Peacemaker II) allows its readers full access into the lives of the “Jacksons;” how it began, somewhere in the middle, and the remarkable ending. The timeline of countless events span throughout several decades: Life in the south, life up north, the Detroit riots and many, many more. This book is a mountain of treats and sometimes an eruption of emotions will ignite in readers as Criswell displays a voluminous amount of loss and gain affecting the characters in this book. ~Book Reviewer

PEACE ON THAT: THE PEACEMAKER II is a strong sequel that shows the dichotomous strength and fragility which result when a family engages in risky behavior and business ventures. ~IndieReader review

T.L. Criswell absolutely nails this authentic tail. “Peace on That” has gripping turns. In addition, the author brilliantly exposes each character. Luring you into their lives and idiosyncrasies.  ~Daniel Franklin (Amazon)

Wow, what can I say. Mrs. Criswell did her thang. She has shown the depth and growth since her premier book. This was a phenomenal read, the strategic twist and turns makes it a true thriller. The climax was simply awesome. Incredible sophomore book Mrs. Criswell. I’m waiting patiently for your next week. Great job. ~puddin (Amazon)

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